Turkey May 2- May 9 2019
Titanic Hotel and Golf Resort

Golf Booked with Bilyana

       03.05.2019     Titanic           13.00 - 13.36        Hotel     
04.05.2019   National           11.18 - 11.54       10.20
05.05.2019                       No game
  06.05.2019   Titanic              10.00 - 10.36       Hotel
07.05.2019     Dunes             14.27 -15.03        Tba
08.05.2019     Carya              13.39 -14.15        Tba
Flights  Jet 2

02.05.2019     LS507 Depart  Newcastle    15.15   Arrive  Antalya  21.50
                                      Bilyana shuttle to Hotel

09.05.2019     LS508 Depart  Antalya        22.35  Arrive  Newcastle 01.25
                                      Bilyana shuttle from Hotel Tba

Baggage Allowances

Hold Luggage 22kg  Golf clubs 22kg  Hand luggage 10kg
Turkey 2019

May 2nd - May 9th

Cost and Payments

Titanic Hotel and 5 rounds of golf      18 persons               £ 12708
Flights inc. Baggage, clubs and allocated seats x 18        £ 5722
                                                                                      Total    £  18430
                                                Total   Received                        £  18585
                                         Total Balance      £155                                            

Bilyana PAID IN FULL March 7th 2019

Jet 2 PAID IN FULL February 21st.

Par 3  2nd at National
Par 4 18th Dunes
To w(h)et your appetite
Turkey 2019
Meet at Jet2 check in area at airport 12.15 May 2nd
Jet2 Ref. 2XYZME
Flight LS 507 Departs 3.15 Arrive Antalya 21.50 May 2nd local times
Flight LS 508 Departs Antalya 22.35 Arrives Newcastle 01.25 May 10th
Luggage Allowances: Hold 22kg; Clubs 22kg; Hand 10kg.
Passport and Turkish Visa only documents needed.
Visas no longer available on arrival.  Get them online
We may be asked to show Visas before boarding in Newcastle
Seats pre-booked but exchangeable within our group.

In Turkey
Met by Bilyana at Antalya airport for transfer to Titanic Hotel - 40 mins approx..
Welcome meeting by Bilyana rep. I suspect will be Friday Morning
Acceptable currency - €uro preferred to Turkish Lira.
Hotel rooms have been allocated but change if you want.
Bilyana contact - Area Manager 0090 541 230 7757 (24hrs)
Tipping - Geoff will deal with it, he will want a small donation in €'s from each of us.
Meals - Food available all day and night every day - part of package
Some 'speciality' restaurants are available for about €15 and pre booked - by Geoff
Drinks - to be monitored by Allan & Alan T
Golf Courses are not inclusive for food and drink.
Food and water may be taken from hotels to golf venues

Friday 3rd Titanic from Hotel. T-off 13.00 Better ball
Saturday 4th National. Shuttle 10.20.  T-off 11.18 Singles
Sunday 5th Titanic Hotel T-off 10.00 singles
Monday - Free
Tuesday 7th Dunes. Shuttle Tba T-off 14.18 singles
Wednesday 8th Carya. shuttle Tba T-off 13.39 singles
Five Tee off slots booked at all courses - 3x4balls + 2x3balls
See further attachment for competition(s) details
Buggies are not bookable in advance priced €30-35 per pair
Electric trollies €5-10
Carrying - no charge
Update your digital items for latest course changes
Handicaps have never been checked but could be asked for, you can get a copy of yours on the club web site or from the club secretary just to be sure.
Under 'New' R&A rules Out of Bounds will be played as old hazard.
i.e. ball dropped within 2 clubs length from point of entry to O of B at penalty of 1 stroke.
For a really relaxing holiday