HCHG Golf Society

In 1998 a few of us, who happenned to tee off
at roughly the same time in the Club Competition
and, more to the point, congregated afterwards
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This soon led to :-
A weekly Newsletter - The Hole Story
The Winter League - Founded 1999/2000
Society Handicaps for summer competition
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In 2007 we moved to Dumfries
Group participation in local Opens.

The Content of this site is mainly
designed to record these activities and
to pass information to members

Hopefully visitors to the site, or
to the NE may find information of help

The Hole Story
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The Winter League
A match play competition
6 points are at stake in each match
2 for each half (out and in) and 2 for the match.
Since 2007 replaced by Best6 competition
The Haggis
For  7 years we  played a competition
over 81 holes and 3 days in the Scottish Borders. 
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were very impressed by the courses there.
The Haggis Trophy is awarded to the winner each year.
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In 2010 the competition returns to Scotland
2009 we also enjoyed a successful visit to Spain,
where we played for The Orihuela Trophy
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These offer an enjoyable and cheap days golf.
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hchg  A society based at Houghton le Spring Golf Club, Tyne & Wear  map at botton of this page
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The Haggis 2010

Winner Steve Willey
Runner Up Alan Daw

Full Results Page 4 (Click)
Houghton le Spring GC

Committee Members
Bernie (the Bear) Munroe
Dave (Snippets) Binsley
Make your problems theirs

Winner B. Munroe 237 pts
2nd Tied J Donnigan, S. Willey 233 pts
Best score Tied J Donnigan, S. Willey 45
Hchg Summer 2010
Series winner Dave Binsley 70 pts
Runner up Bernie Munroe 65 pts
Congratulations to Both
Turkey 2011
Thomas  Cook Surcharge is not retrospective
It should not effect us
See page 3 for more
Bilyana Balance Paid 12/3/11
New for 2011
Click for U.K. Golf Club Opens 2011
Found on The Houghton Club site
See NE Opens page for more and application forms
Robbo snatches B6st Lead